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    This week, I read some articles about some API and tools that developers, especially Java guys, must know. Fortunately, I really know some of them, but unfortunately, I really miss something.

    Please let me introduce some cases at first:
    1. In our real projects, we only use JDK 6, but the version had been in End-Of-Life; we never touch JDK 7, but JDK 8 is upcoming. I don't know how much time we would spend on accepting Lambda expression. In fact, at present, a lot of Java developers cannot understand Generics exactly, however the syntax has been introduced for more than 8 years. Of course, Java Generics is a bit ambiguous, so it may be difficult to understand.
    2. Ant was ever the standard for building, and it still being used by many projects, even new ones. Maven was designed to terminate Ant due to the older cannot make life easy. Some conceptions of Maven, such as build life cycle, dependency management, default directory structure, are very advanced. But Maven dependency and transitive dependency management is nightmare, you have to include/exclude this or that. And extending Maven is also a hard job. I have real experience on both of them, I even wrote some popular preliminary blogs about Maven several years ago. But what I really don't know? I don't know Maven is becoming legacy, and worse, a new super star Gradle is on stage. Outspokenly, I never hear of the artifact before this week :-( Outstanding Spring framework is a very case about the trend. At beginning, obviously Spring is built by Ant, then the framework switched to Maven some years ago, but last year Spring migrated to Gradle.
    3. Google-Collections was well-known if you used it or not, and I know Guava however I never use the API. But what I really don't know? I don't know google-collections was closed several years ago, and even it was combined by Guava, which is a new rock star in Java ecosystem.

  OH, something is born, and then grows, and then rests in peace. That's nature, and we have to face it, but why I don't know? Exactly, I have no idea.
  World has been changing, and is changing faster as never before. How to keep us up-to-date with new fashion? I think the question may be asked by every "old" developer. After a long term career life, some of us may become veteran, but absolutely, it's impossible that everyone become expert, particularly the expert in underlying fields. We just be proficient in some programming languages, frameworks, APIs, or tools. So we must update our brains continuously.
  Maybe the issue is one of the middle life crisis problems, good luck for you and me :-)
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# re: 世界一直在变(原) 2013-07-16 10:36 车尘马足显者事,酒盏花枝隐士缘
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# re: 世界一直在变(原) 2013-07-16 13:17 Sha Jiang
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# re: 世界一直在变(原)[未登录] 2013-07-26 16:01 Oscar
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