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下面是从Contribuing to Eclipse这本名著上摘录的一篇附录,很有价值,比任何讲开发方法的书或者架构模式字典都要好,单独拿出来,与大家分享。

Appendix: Rule

Contribution Rule:
    Everything is a contribution

Lazy Loading Rule:
    Contributions are only loaded when they are needed

Sharing Rule:
    Add, don’t replace

Conformance Rule:
    Contributions must conform to expected interfaces

Monkey See/Monkey Do Rule:
    Always start by copying the structure of a similar plug-in

Relevance Rule:
    Contribute only when you can successfully operate

Safe Platform Rule:
    As the provider of an extension point, you must protect yourself against misbehavior on the part of extenders.

Invitation Rule:
    Whenever possible, let others contribute to your contributions

Fair Play Rule:
    All clients play by the same rules, even me.

Explicit Extension Rule:
    Declare explicitly where a platform can be extended

Diversity Rule:
    Extension points accept multiple extensions

Good Fences Rule:
    When passing control outside your code, protect yourself.

Program to API Contract Rule:
    In your contributions check and program to the Eclipse API contract.

Integration Rule:
    Integrate, don’t separate

Responsibility Rule:
    Clearly identify your plug-in as the source of problems.

Explicit API Rule:
    Separate the API from internals

Stability Rule:
    Once you invite someone to contribute, don’t change the rules

Revelation Rule:
    Reveal the API a little at a time

Sandbox Rule:
     Execute code under development in a separate virtual machine

Relevance Rule:
    Contribute only when you can successfully operate

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# re: Eclipse: Rules
2005-02-23 06:27 | Frank
呃......让我想想该怎么顶哦...........  回复  更多评论
# re: Eclipse: Rules
2005-04-23 10:49 | 阿酷
Contribute应该翻译成什么?  回复  更多评论
# re: Eclipse: Rules
2005-04-23 10:52 | 阿酷
Monkey See/Monkey Do 也不懂  回复  更多评论
# re: Eclipse: Rules
2005-04-23 21:23 | Brian Sun
Contribute一般翻译为“贡献”,取表面意思。Monkey See/Monkey Do译为“有样学样”。
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