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maximo implementation sevices
Implementing MAXIMO, whether it is MAXIMO 4x,  MAXIMO 5x, or MAXIMO 6x, involves much more than installing software, loading a database, and taking a few classes. As an advanced EAM system, MAXIMO is integrated into your business and configured to match your maintenance management requirements. Often times, MAXIMO shares data and works closely with other enterprise systems. Current processes may be re-engineered to reflect best practices. Legacy applications and hardware have to be considered. MMSI's Implementation Services provide you with the highest level of technical knowledge, industry expertise, tools, and training. Our professionals have in-depth, working knowledge of MAXIMO and understand fully the challenges and solutions for a successful implementation. While each MAXIMO implementation project is tailored to our clients' needs, our methodology revolves around the following implementation phases:

This phase sets the foundation for the project by  refining the scope of work and client business objectives, establishing the technical environment in which MAXIMO will operate, and providing product education for the core project team. The major tasks in this phase are: (1) project organization and core team assembly, (2) technical environment and infrastructure planning, (3) hardware and software installation and tuning, (4) core team product orientation and training, and (5) preparation of a detailed implementation plan.

The objective of this phase is to engender an understanding of your business requirements and to map those requirements to MAXIMO. This involves a review of current business practices, procedures, and information data flows for the functional areas that MAXIMO will impact. Using a technique called Gap Analysis, the implementation team identifies the gaps that exist between your business processes and MAXIMO. The results are used to determine which components of MAXIMO will be tailored to support those gaps.

In a series of workshop settings, standard operating procedures (SOPs) and workflow processes are designed and documented. Once developed, each procedure is mapped to a series of MAXIMO system functions such as work requests, work orders, or purchase orders. The end result is a set of SOPs that serve as detailed instructions for using MAXIMO as well as training guides for end-users.

Based on the results of the first three phases, the core MAXIMO applications are configured and customized to meet your requirements. Activities include but are not limited to screen customization, database reconfiguration, custom application deployment, building data validation rules and lists, enabling system and user defaults, and establishing security parameters. Also included is the development and implementation of operational, management, and metric reports using such tools as Actuate, Crystal Reports, and SQR.

MMSI consultants work with every client to determine which assets, spare parts, and PM routines should be included and stored in MAXIMO, what the best data collection methodology is, how the information will be structured in the MAXIMO database, and how it will be entered. If data is to be manually collected and entered, MMSI will develop customized data collection forms and oversee the data collection process. Should data exist in legacy systems, MMSI's data specialists possess the knowledge and experience to map and convert that data in the shortest amount of time using customized legacy data extraction and upload tools.

MMSI integration consultants can help you extend the value of MAXIMO by connecting it to your other enterprise applications and to your day-to-day operational systems (e.g., time-keeping, project planning and control, etc.). Using such tools as the MAXIMO Enterprise Adapter (MEA),MAXIMO's MIG Data Xchange, and more, MMSI technicians can help you to seamlessly integrate MAXIMO with such applications as  PeopleSoft, Oracle Financials, and SAP. Our consultants can also develop custom interfaces to important applications in your organization.

MMSI offers training and education tailored precisely to your enterprise and to individual user-communities within the organization. In addition to the standard training offered for each component of MAXIMO, we provide one-on-one support as you begin your deployment, teaching your staff how to use MAXIMO on the job. We also offer customized training in system administration, report design, and in system integration techniques. Click here to learn more about MMSI's Training and Education programs.

The startup phase includes all of the tasks associated with moving from design, development, and testing to full production use of MAXIMO. During this phase MMSI creates the production database, double-checks that all necessary client infrastructure is in place, ensures that all new users are properly profiled to access the system, and implements the bridges to other enterprise applications. Where required, an MMSI team remains on-site throughout the first week of Startup to handle any questions that may emerge.

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