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If you are reading my blog, you may notice that I have subscribed some online services and I am using different icons to group my blog entries.  I'd like to give some simple explanation for those icons.

The services I am currently using:
Service Vendor Blah, blah...
Subscribe kukooBlog in NewsGator Online  Newsgator Click the icon to subscribe my blog to your Newsgator online RSS reader (you should have a Newsgator account first)
kukooBlog is javablogged JavaBlog My blog is aggregated by JavaBlog. JavaBlog is a RSS feeds aggerator. 
  FeedBurner  I registered my blog to FeedBurner. If you are using RSS reader to read my blog, you may use my feed on FeedBurner to subscribe. If I change my blog to other vendors, I will update my feeds on FeedBurner and therefore you won't change your subscription. 
Technorati cosmos Technorati Search the post's URL in the Technorati, to see the post listed in the Technorati.
Refresh Technorati Ping the Technorati, to inform Technorati that the post was changed.
Yourit This icon indicates that the post is tagged using Technorati tags. For each post in my blog, I tried to associate it with one or more Technorati tags that I use to categorize my posts. This icon (the first character of Kukoo) and the tags appears at the end of each post to indicate which tags are associated with the blog post. For more on Technorati tags, visit http://www.technorati.com/tag.
365Key 365Key 365Key is more like the del.icio.us. When I read interesting or useful articles on the Internet, I will bookmark it into 365Key.
Ads by Google Google Adsense Just for fun, I don't really want to gey money from Google...

The icons in my blog entry:
Icons Category Blah, blah...
Eclipse This image links to all entries related to the Eclipse category, my favorite IDE and platform.
Programming This image links to all entries related to Programming category (ie, Java, Web).
Pattern This image links to all entries related to the Design Patterns category.
Blog This image links to all entries related to Blogging category
All This image links to all entries related to any other categories
365Key Everyday's digest and links on 365Key
Recently Reading The books I am recently reading. I usually will put the books image there.

If you have any comments, please click on the comment link below the blog post and leave a comment.

Thanks for reading my blog.


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# re: How To Read My Blog 2005-07-10 07:51 TiGERTiAN
"you my notice" should be "you may notice" I think..^-^   回复  更多评论

# re: How To Read My Blog 2005-08-24 19:12 zhizhu
you blog icons so many~~~~~~
  回复  更多评论

# re: How To Read My Blog 2005-12-16 18:05 Laurel
Glad to see U, and I'm learning Java, can u recommend me a software used to write Java?  回复  更多评论

# re: How To Read My Blog 2006-06-26 10:50 虚拟主机
我也在学JAVA,学习  回复  更多评论