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08 2006 档案

     摘要: ``When people discuss layering, there's often some confusion over the terms layer and tier. Often the two are used as synonyms, but most people see tier as implying a physical separation. Client-server systems are often described as two-tier systems, and the separation is physical: The client is a desktop and the server is a server. I use layer to stress that you don't have to run the layers on different machines. A distinct layer of domain logic often runs on e  阅读全文
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     摘要: Scrum是什么呢? 套用介绍文章中的定义: ``Scrum has a simple implementation that is designed to increase productivity and reduce the time it takes to benefit from a software/product development. Importantly, it embraces adaptive and empirical systems development. "。用中文定义来说,就是: ``Scrum提供了一种经验方法,它使得团队成员能够独立地,集中地在创造性的环境下工作。它发现了软件工程的社会意义。这一过程是迅速,有适应性,自组织的,它代表了从顺序开发过程以来的重大变化"。  阅读全文
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     摘要: JavaRef.com发表了一个Eclipse的插件,允许你在Eclipse IDE里面方便的查询JavaDoc...  阅读全文
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