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I didn't write my blog on Friday (even without the 365key's digest) since the whole day I was on the way, to airport, in the airport, on the flight and back home after 3 months business trip.

I hoped I can browse the web or post my blog when I was in Beijing International Airport.  Although I have a GPRS enabled mobile phone and my laptop was with me, I had no idea how to setup the GRPS to connect the China Mobile.  The airport also does not provide any facility to browse the web.  I had to stay there and just wait to board......

After back home, connecting to the internet, I found that open the blogjava.net is a bit slow.  It is reasonable since I guess blogjava's service provider is in China.  Browsing China's websites from Singapore is always slow.

I am back home and I am back to blog.

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