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A very nice and good RSS reader. JetBrains' Omea Reader now is still free (you just need to get a free license key). The Omea Pro is not free but the Reader is enough for RSS and weblog reading.

However, I still like FeedDemon. But I'd like to try the Omea Reader for a while. I like FeedDemon's multi-tab browsing, while the Omea Reader will open the external browser (default is the IE).

Omea Reader has a build in NewsGroup reader, you do not need an external NewsGroup reader (ie, the Outlook Express).

Download the Omea Reader here, and don't forget to apply a free license key.

[Note: if you are a Java programmer, you will know JetBrains. It owns the IntelliJ IDEA.]

[Note:This blog was migrated from my very old blog which was in the blogspirit.]

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