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昨天盘点了2007年里50个最佳CSS网页设计,今天继续盘点,来自adii的My 53 Top Blog Designs of 2007.
1. Alex Buga
This is definitely my favourite blog design of the year - it is just so extremely unique and well done! The etchings / scribbles into the wood panels really gives it a personal touch, whilst I’ve got to give Alex a lot of credit for pulling of the transparent effects on the content boxes, as that is not overly easy.

Alex Buga

2. Blogsolid
It’s a great honour for me, to include Blogsolid’s design as #2 in this list, as it was designed by a fellow South African. Again, I think that Imar (the owner and designer of BS) ventured into the uniqueness territory, where most designers don’t want to go, and it paid off, since Blogsolid has been featured on most of the design galleries around the web. Great design!


3. Piktogramme und Icons
You don’t need to understand German (I think!) to adore this super-clean design. I love the hand holding the business card in the header and the rest of the design (looks like it is designed on a grid) is just so functional, minimalistic and beautiful.

Piktogramme und Icons

4. Carsonified
#4 is almost too love for this design, but the above 3 really gives me warm fuzzy feelings… I really like the logo, the unique featured section (again with the transparent images) and then the content section, which is divided into 3 equal width columns. Great design!


5. Web Designer Wall
You definitely don’t get much more unique than this design. It’s been featured and talked about all over the net andI don’t need to say much more about this super artistic, creative and fun design that smashed everyone’s ideas about what Web 2.0 looks like in 2007. Expect more designs like this one in 2008…

Web Designer Wall

6. The Geniant Blog
A touch of class… Very stylish and trendy, whilst very, very appealing to the eye. I can’t find too many faults with this design - can you?

Geniant Sandbox

7. Mark Forrester
Fun, fun, fun… That’s how I feel, when I look at Mark’s extremely creative and colourful design. Mark is a fellow Saffa and again, it’s great to see some of my fellow countrymen making a “mark” (haha - excuse the pun) online.

Mark Forrester

8. Electric Pulp
That shade of red makes this design great on its own… And the overall colour scheme is fantastic. Combine a textured background with some transparent content boxes, and you’ve got Adii going gaga…

Electric Pulp

9. I Heart Luxe
Clean and stylish, with all the focus on the content - you don’t get much better minimalistic type designs than this…

I Heart Luxe

10. Koller Media
I don’t really have words to explain why I like and rate this design so highly… The header is pretty cool, whilst a love the gray shading in the sidebars.

Koller Media

11. Simply Fired
The background images makes the design.

Simply Fired

12. Elliot Jay Stocks
There’s no Web 2.0 trend graphics to be seen on this very unique, grungy design by Carsonified’s leading designer. Risky direction to go with a new design, but Elliot pulls it off with style!

Elliot Jay Stocks

13. Web Worker Daily
Warm fuzzies, warm fuzzies… The logo and navigation is awesome, whilst merging into the content areas beautifully!
Web Worker Daily

14. Blog Action Day
Great design for a great cause! It’s not easy making a design based on such a shaded colour scheme, look great, but this one is absolutely brilliant!

Blog Action Day

15. Jesus Rodriguez Velasco
This is another design that got a lot of attention in the CSS design galleries this year… Very unique, grungy feel and that for a university professor - insane!!!

Jesus Rodriguez Velasco

16. PSDTuts
Clean & Beautiful - the two best words to describe a great blog design!

17. TNT Pixel
The header makes a real splash (or is it a bang?) and the rest of the layout / typography is really well thought-out with clever attention to the smaller details.

TNT Pixel

18. Ideate
I’m not being biased, but this is the third South African design in the Top 20 already… Doesn’t this design remind you of your childhood days dressed up as your favourite superhero?


19. Dream Design
Beautiful personal design by a web designer / illustrator. Very interesting colour scheme as well - you don’t see too many purple / pink designs out there.

Dream Design

20. Elitist Snob
This design really portraits the name of the blog very well (in my opinion), since you do get a sense of snobism / elitism when browsing around the design. The cartoon feel is also pretty cool…

Elitist Snob

21. Challies Dot Com

Challies Dot Com

22. Bistrian Iosip

Bistrian Iosip

23. Clagnut


24. Simplebits
Beauty in simplicity.


25. Larissa Meek
A pretty design for an extremely pretty girl… I’ve previously featured Larissa in an interview on my blog.

Larissa Meek

26. Brian Jeremy
A Web Designer Wal-type layout and design… Just different and great in its own way!

Brian Jeremy

27. Massive Press
Just because content is king, doesn’t mean you don’t need to look after your blog’s design. Massive Press pulls off both the content and design!

Massive Press

28. Joyeur


29. The Big Noob
Get lost in the blue… Great use of various different shades of blue, as well as a very prominent header image.

The Big Noob

30. WebAppers
Old school and antique meets super trendy and slick.


31. FreelanceSwitch


32. Lee Munroe
I love it when I can sense a designer’s personality through a design and this unique design by Lee Munroe makes me feel that I know just a little bit about him already…
Lee Munroe

33. Super Awesome
The name says it all!

Super Awesome

34. Bear Skin Rug
A wickedly, weird design.. But it definitely works!
Bear Skin Rug

35. Ordered List

Ordered List

36. Jina Bolton
What does CSS expert Jina Bolton like more you think - CSS or sushi?

Jina Bolton

37. Yesterday Is Here

Yesterday Is Here

38. Blog Perfume

Blog Perfume

39. Abduzeedo


40. Rob Goodlatte

Rob Goodlatte

41. Tim Ferris - Four Hour Work Week

Tim Ferris - Four Hour Work Week

42. Tingsek


43. Lokesh Dhakar

Lokesh Dhakar

44. One Button Mouse

One Button Mouse

45. North x East

North x East

46. Rik Catlow

Rik Catlow

47. Bill C English

Bill C English

48. Dream Scape

Dream Scape

49. Hyaline Skies

Hyaline Skies

50. Bad Ass Ideas

Bad Ass Ideas

51. Brian Gardner

Brian Gardner

52. Lee Dodd

Lee Dodd

53. Young Go Getter

Young Go Getter

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