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Groovy1.1 RC2如期发布,本次发布大幅改善了性能,GroovyConsole和GroovyShell的易用性以及XML的处理,下个发布的版本就是Groovy1.1 Final了!敬请期待!


Groovy1.1RC2发布后,抽了点时间给Groovy Console加了‘自动缩进’功能和‘自动完成’功能,我称它们为Smart Edit Function,但被告知现在已经处于RC阶段,所以只能放到Groovy1.2了,效果图:

附:朝花夕拾——Groovy & Grails

Release Notes - groovy - Version 1.1-rc-2 - HTML format


  • [GROOVY-1723] - Provide unit tests for date/time support


  • [GROOVY-272] - Misleading MissingMethodException
  • [GROOVY-1019] - Ant Task Not Using Classpath
  • [GROOVY-1066] - Task.execute() not called when expected within a sequential closure
  • [GROOVY-1260] - Using the Ant task with multiple targets fails
  • [GROOVY-1272] - pom missing from ibiblio release of groovy-all-1.0-jsr-05
  • [GROOVY-1853] - Groovy in maven(m2) repository does not have pom.xml
  • [GROOVY-1918] - StackOverflowError when use GSQL's eachRow
  • [GROOVY-2006] - JDK Dynamic Proxies Broken
  • [GROOVY-2079] - 'abc'++ throws Error
  • [GROOVY-2081] - Script executes correctly when called with absolute path, but fails when called with relative path
  • [GROOVY-2124] - groovyConsole can not read dead keys on Linux
  • [GROOVY-2149] - Groovyc ant task cannot be found when using embeddable/groovy-all*.jar in ant build script
  • [GROOVY-2182] - groovy.sql.Sql printing row in closure causes java.lang.StackOverflowError
  • [GROOVY-2195] - ConfigSlurper does not resolve within closures references to outer properties
  • [GROOVY-2201] - select code in groovyconsole and fails to execute selected code via ctrl + enter
  • [GROOVY-2203] - missing cast in covariant return types implementation
  • [GROOVY-2205] - Multiline text selection not handled correctly in GroovyConsole on execution (Windows only bug)
  • [GROOVY-2207] - row num and col num of error info is not correct
  • [GROOVY-2209] - Maps of closures coercion to classes fails with non-overriding methods, protected methods, and with arrays parameters
  • [GROOVY-2210] - The behavior of enum is different between Java and Groovy in switch statement.
  • [GROOVY-2213] - Instantiation exception in Groovysh when creating an enum type
  • [GROOVY-2215] - Cannot create enum type with explicit constructor
  • [GROOVY-2217] - FactoryBuilderSupport doesn't route all pertinent calls to its proxyBuilder
  • [GROOVY-2218] - TimeCategory Date subtraction does not always work for hours and minutes
  • [GROOVY-2219] - VerifyError with derived class
  • [GROOVY-2224] - Groovy Console - Closing Frame with Find/Replace dialog open leaves the dialog open and process not ending
  • [GROOVY-2225] - replaceAll cannot replace backslash
  • [GROOVY-2227] - Stacktrace/bytecode missing line numbers
  • [GROOVY-2232] - VerifyError when using DelegatingMetaClass
  • [GROOVY-2243] - missing method list in exception
  • [GROOVY-2245] - groovy launch requires "tools.jar" system property to be set even if corresponding file does not exist
  • [GROOVY-2246] - subMap, findAll should return LinkedHashMap instead of plain HashMap


  • [GROOVY-139] - user vs. developer error messages - filtering stack traces
  • [GROOVY-1203] - Website should show Maven's artifactId and groupId on Download Page
  • [GROOVY-1960] - bundling Groovy jar in Ant lib dir causes Sql to fail to fails to find driver class when jar file specified in classpath element
  • [GROOVY-2087] - Groovy ant task should support passing parameters
  • [GROOVY-2101] - Error message needs changing
  • [GROOVY-2186] - Configurable reaction to exceptions during template binding
  • [GROOVY-2199] - FileNameFinder should supports excludes pattern as well as current includes pattern
  • [GROOVY-2200] - AllTestSuite should supports excludes pattern as well as current includes pattern
  • [GROOVY-2206] - Add row num to Groovy Console
  • [GROOVY-2233] - GPath: allow attribute reference using unquoted selectors in XmlParser Nodes, making it consistent with XmlSlurper

New Feature

  • [GROOVY-783] - Make GroovyShell read script using specified encoding
  • [GROOVY-2036] - There is no equivalent of Ruby's respond_to - you have to catch MissingMethodException
  • [GROOVY-2253] - XmlParser should provide a getter/setter to allow adjustment of the trimWhitespace settting


  • [GROOVY-1333] - fix code appearance on codehaus/confluence

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