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Composition on Rails: The Groovy Side of SAP NetWeaver

Moya Watson SAP Employee
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Company: SAP

Posted on Oct. 08, 2007 01:04 PM in SAP NetWeaver Platform, Scripting Languages

If you missed meeting Will Gardella at TechEd this year, you might have missed the buzz about Composition on Rails, which adds the Groovy scripting language and the "Rails-like"Grails Web application framework to the SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment to achieve quick and agile development on the platform.

If you're wondering about the relevance of using Grails within the SAP NetWeaver environment, consider this: the SAP NetWeaver prototyping team relied on Grails when building the high-profile Eventus prototype. So while you're not likely to build extremely complex applications using scripting environments such as that offered by Composition on Rails, you can quickly turn out a prototype -- for one example -- and the benefits of this can be manifold. Look for more on that later...

In the meantime, head on over to Composition on Rails in the Contributor Corner to read more about the benefits of using Composition on Rails, find answers to your questions or ask new ones, get the code, start playing around with the framework, and step in to create your first application. As the team is also soliciting your feedback and feature requests, this is an absolutely great opportunity to influence this combination of a new(ish) scripting technology with SAP NetWeaver.

Between this and the new Developer Subscription, there's no reason not to get started building agile applications with SAP NetWeaver today.

Moya Watson works on the SAP NetWeaver Imagineering team in Palo Alto, CA.


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