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There are some unavoidable issues that may affect you when upgrading to 0.5 from a previous version:

1. If you have an old default index.jsp, it will not function correctly due to a change in a property name. Remove the file if you have not customized it, or change the reference to the "controllers" property to "controllerClasses"

2. Your custom taglibs that call other tags will need to be changed. Tags called from within a tag now return a string containing the content instead of writing to out, so you must do something like:

   out << theOtherTag(attrs)

3. Your taglibs, if they call their own non-tag closures as if they are methods, will not function correctly if the closure has less than 3 arguments. Change such code to:

4. Tag bodies return strings instead of writing to out, so you must change code that calls body() to:

   out << body()

5. View loading mechanisms have changed, so if you need to load a view directly or check for its existence, you must now use a resource loader:

   def resourceLoader = ctx.containsBean('groovyPageResourceLoader') ?
        ctx.groovyPageResourceLoader : ctx
   def resource = resourceLoader.getResource(uri)

   if(resource && resource.file && resource.file.exists()) {

6. Note the deprecation warnings you see in your console, these need to be tackled prior to 0.6 where these old features will be removed.

各位正在使用Grails0.5的朋友,如果用到了g:richTextEditor这个标签,则请用附件中的UITagLib.groovy替换grails-0.5\src\grails\grails-app\taglib\UITagLib.groovy,否则无法显示内容,如果您已经在进行开发,请同时替换<your project name>\plugins\core\grails-app\taglib\UITagLib.groovy。





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