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Technology of the Year:
AJAX From Mozilla Developer Center

Framework of the Year:
JavaServer Faces From Sun Microsystems Inc.

Development Tool of the Year:
Eclipse From the Eclipse Foundation

Development Utility of the Year:
Ant From The Apache Software Foundation

Web Service Product of the Year:
Google APIs From Google Inc.

Wireless/Mobile Development Tool or Add-in of the Year:
J2ME™ Wireless Toolkit From Sun Microsystems Inc.
(Runner up)
Sybase® PocketBuilder 2.0 From Sybase Inc.

Database Tool or Add-in of the Year:
MySQL 5.0 From MySQL AB

Java Tool/Add-in of the Year:
Sun Java™ Studio Creator By Sun Microsystems Inc.

JSR (Java Specification Request) of the Year:
JSR 244: Java EE 5.0

.NET Tool or Add-in of the Year:
Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2005 From Microsoft Corporation
(The Winning Non-Microsoft product:)
Mono .NET Framework From

Security Tool or Add-in of the Year:
Sun Java System Identity Manager From Sun Microsystems Inc.

Open Source Tool of the Year (Tie):
OpenOffice 2.0 From and
Firefox From Mozilla Foundation