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被低估的Linux安全性 - The Real Facts

Posted on 2005-10-08 16:30 laogao 阅读(404) 评论(2)  编辑  收藏 所属分类: ReadingOperating Systems

我们似乎习惯了MS的宣传,尤其是最近两年的Get The Facts系列,认为Linux并非真的那么安全。TheRegister.com上面有一篇深度调查报告:(虽有些老,但仍然valid)

1- Windows only suffers so many attacks because there are more Windows installations than Linux, therefore Linux would be just as vulnerable if it had as many installations
2- Open source is inherently less secure because malicious hackers can find flaws more easily
3- There are more security alerts for Linux than for Windows, therefore Linux is less secure than Windows
4- There is a longer time between the discovery of a flaw and a patch for the flaw with Linux than with Windows



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2005-10-09 12:04 by Noshoeman
:) 哞哞哞,哞哞~~

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2005-10-09 14:06 by php99
The myth of Linux is sorts of harangue.