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I wish I had never met you. 我真希望我从来都没遇到过你。
I regret meeting you. 我后悔认识了你。
I wish you were never a part of my life.  我但愿你从未走进我的生活。

Good coffee, really hits the spot. 咖啡很好喝,真过瘾。
流行美语片语to hit the spot,意思是感到过瘾,觉得很痛快。英文的解释是,to satisfy one's need(满足某人的需要)。
Ice cream, really hits the spot. I feel more awake now.  (吃个)冰激淋,真痛快,我感觉清醒多了。
A hot bath really hit the spot.
A burger would hit the spot.

Everyone became fascinated with ping pong. It has become the national game.

Don't give me any lame excuses next time!  下次别再用这样蹩脚的借口!
Having class on weekend is lame. 周末上课是个馊主意
Sleeping too long is a lame excuse for being late.  睡得过久而迟到, 这个借口站不住脚。
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