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Hey, come on. Pull yourself together.  嘿,来吧,打起点精神来。
He switched off the recorder.
Trade soon recovered from the effects of  the war.
Maple leaves turn red in the autumn.
Racial prejudices that die hard. 种族歧视会慢慢消失
Put these tools back in the rack. 把这些工具放回架子上。
He had to rack his brains to solve that complicated problem. 他不得不绞尽脑汁去解决那个复杂问题。
I bought her a new tennis racket.
Enemy ships were detected on the radar (screen).
Five roads radiate from this roundabout. 有五条道路以这个环状交叉路为中心向各方伸展开。

racial a. 种族的,人种的
rack n.  搁物架;行李架
rack vt. 使苦痛,折磨
racket n. 球拍
radar n.雷达,无线电探测器
radiate vi.发射光线;辐射;从中心向各方伸展(+from
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