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What's John like?
I get along well with him.

I could not fetter my desire to laugh.

Would you get to the point? 你能把要点说得再清楚点儿吗?
All right, All right.
What's the point?  什么是重点?
get to the point“抓住重点,进入正题”。

Are you working overtime tonight? 今晚你加班吗?
 work overtime“加班”
Are you working overtime tonight?
Unfortunately, yes. 很遗憾,要加班。

I had a solid meal. 我饱食了一顿
What does the phrase mean?  这短语是什么意思?

Her husband is very mean about money. 她的丈夫在金钱上很吝啬。

I don't understand the meaning of that paragraph.

It is all a means to an end. 这只是达到目的的一种手段
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