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Actuate,企业智能软件开发商,近日宣布了其旗舰产品:企业智能平台的升级版,v9.0。 在这个版本中,Actuate将报表工具完全基于Eclipse BIRT(Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools):

Actuate 9 takes the company's proprietary business intelligence software platform and brings in BIRT (Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools), its Eclipse Foundation-based open-source reporting project.

We take [BIRT] from the open-source engines and design environment and add the ability to connect to our server environment...

版本9将带来4个新的产品: Actuate BIRT,BusinessReports,Interactive Viewing,iPortal

【消息来源】Actuate Announces 9.0 BI Platform Upgrade

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