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根据最新的Evans Data的研究报 ``2006 Annual Eclipse Global Enterprise Survey Research";,在回复调查的用户中,有60%的用户将Eclipse作为首选的开发工具(2005年为32%),其中65%的用户使用Eclipse开发基于服务器端的应用系统。 报告同时也指出了有2/3的用户在考虑未来的6个月内将可能会开发基于Eclipse RCP的系统。

``Evans Data is reporting in its 2006 Annual Eclipse Global Enterprise Survey Research Findings that 60 percent of respondents indicated they used Eclipse as their primary IDE, up from 32 percent in 2005.

The study also found that in 2006, 65 percent of respondents used eclipse to develop server centric applications. In 2005 only 55 percent reported using Eclipse for server centric apps.

Of particular note in the survey results: two-thirds of the study respondents indicated they would make use of the Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP) in the next six month. ''


【阅读全文】Eclipse Adoption on The Rise

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