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前些天提到Eclipse的web master在网上征求对eclipse.org主页新风格的意见,以及投票。 昨天,投票结果出来了,列第一的是那个基于蓝色底面的设计(基本上也是Eclipse IDE的那个slash的颜色),85票。

按照Denis Roy在mailing list中所说,会很快将现在的eclipse.org主页改为新的设计:

“I'll be handing over Roger's submission to the web designer so that the stylesheets can be created. We'll contact Roger to get the submitted skin in a high-res graphic format the web designer can work with. Many thanks to Roger, Andrew, Linda and Stavros for submitting great templates, and thanks to all who voted. I look forward to seeing this new skin on the eclipse.org web pages! ”

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