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Eclipse 3.1RC4 is able to download now. It is a bug fix build. It is bigger than RC3 again (about 105MB now). This is the only last release candidate before next week's production release.

I am waiting for the next week production release.

Eclipse 3.1 will be announced in next week's JavaOne 2005. There will be 3 announcements in the JavaOne 2005 from Eclipse Foundation:

  1. launch of 3.1 and the other project release, such as Web Tools, TPTP, etc.,
  2. highlight Eclipse RCP
  3. announce the 100th organization to join Eclipse.

Ian Skerrett, Director of Marketing with the Eclipse Foundation, published the release of the #1 and #2. But he DOES NOT say who is the 100th:

"Also, I'm not going to publish release 3 until Monday. Anyone care to guess the name of the organization? This company truly reflects the global nature of Eclipse. "-- Ian Skerrett
Who will be the 100th? Sun Micro?

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