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Oracle will publicly announce next week at JavaOne that it is making JDeveloper 10g available for free to all developers to build standard-based applications for services-oriented architectures. Oracle is hoping that the free software will increase developer interest in Oracle Fusion middleware.

"We're making our complete SOA development environment, JDeveloper 10g, available for free to all developers," says Rick Schultz, VP of Oracle Fusion Middleware. "It's more than a Java development environment, it includes Web services functionality, UML modeling, service orchestration, and business process flows."

However, I am wondering if sooner or later Oracle will move to the Eclipse platform. Eclipse WTP project now is going to support more Application Server (I guess soon it will support Oracle AS). Borland is going to migrate its JBuilder to Eclipse based and one of JBuilder's strong feature is it supports a lot App Server. Move to Eclipse, I guess definitely will save cost for Oracle.

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