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Groovy 1.0 正式发布了。 正式的发布申明是这么写的:

Groovy is a dynamic language for the JVM that integrates seamlessly with the Java platform. It offers a Java-like syntax, with language features inspired by Smalltalk, Python or Ruby, and lets your reuse all your Java libraries and protect the investment you made in Java skills, tools or application servers.

很早以前就曾经关注过Groovy,还在Ruby和Groovy中犹豫过。 目前虽然在看一些Ruby和RoR的书籍和资料,Groovy还是不会忽略掉的,当然还有Grails,这个以Groovy写成的Web应用框架 (Groovy + Grails & Ruby + Rails)。


下载Groovy: http://dist.codehaus.org/groovy/distributions

About Groovy: http://www.aboutgroovy.com/item/list

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