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我在之前的一篇blog:Eclipse 的 BIRT项目中提到过BIRT这个项目,是Eclipse.org下的一个顶级项目,目标是企业智能化和报表工具(Business Intelligence and Report Tool)。6月6日,Eclipse.org宣布了BIRT 1.0正式发布了。

“BIRT is a Java-based reporting tool that provides a web-like metaphor for creating reports. A comprehensive API helps you integrate BIRT into your Java or J2EE application, connect to custom data sources, create custom report designers, and more. BIRT also includes a robust charting package that is part of the BIRT reporting engine, and can also be used by itself in your application.” (JavaLobby.com)

Eclipse.org的BIRT 1.0的发布通告
Eclipse's BIRT Project

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# re: Eclipse BIRT 1.0 2005-07-06 15:10 郁闷
birt生成pdf时中文为乱码,各位有没有解决的办法,有点 话
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