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Recently, I am reading a book about Ruby Programming (see my sidebar was changed to display the book's cover). When installing the Ruby for Windows, the Ruby IDE, FreeRIDE, would be installed. It is free and quite a good small IDE for Ruby.

Luckily, today I found another Ruby IDE which is based on Eclipse, which name is RDE (Ruby Development Environment).

About Ruby

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posted on 2005-06-02 13:47 kukooBlog 阅读(1736) 评论(4)  编辑  收藏 所属分类: EclipseProgramming


# re: Ruby IDE in Eclipse 2005-06-02 17:00 Blake HAN
This plugin is not good enough. :( I'd rather use SciTE  回复  更多评论

# re: Ruby IDE in Eclipse 2005-06-02 17:10 kukooBlog
[To Blake HAN]: Glad to see someone replies the blog. SciTE is also installed with the Ruby. Will try it.  回复  更多评论

# re: Ruby IDE in Eclipse 2005-06-03 22:43 Florian Gross
I'd suggest jEdit instead. It's XML and Ruby modes are insanely addictive.  回复  更多评论

# re: Ruby IDE in Eclipse 2007-07-02 16:57 glad
It's my first time to catch Ruby,feel good.  回复  更多评论