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One summer night
We ran away for a while
Laughing, we hurried beneath the sky
To an obscure place to hide
That no one could find

And we drifted to another state of mind
And imagined I was yours and you were mine
As we lay upon the grass
There in the dark
Underneath the stars
(Young love)
Underneath the stars

Weak in the knees
Wrapped in the warm gentle breeze
So shy, a bundle of butterflies
Flush with heat of desire
On a natural high

As we drifted to another place in time
And the feeling was so heady and sublime
As I lost my heart to you
There in the dark
Underneath the stars
(Young love)

Beautiful and bitter sweetly
You were fading into me
And I was gently fading into you
But the time went sailing by
Reluctantly we said good-bye
And left our secret place so far behind
And I lay in bed all night and I was
Drifting, drifting, drifting, drifting 

And i was yours
And you were my own
My own baby
as we lay
as we
lay underneath the stars
(young love)
(young love)
underneath the stars
(shum do do do)
underneath the stars
(young love)
underneath the stars
(young love)
baby baby yeah

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