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Configuration problem: Unable to locate NamespaceHandler for namespace []
当我看到这个异常信息后,我立刻将Spring2.0.3中的spring-support.jar替换为Spring2.0.2中的spring-support.jar。当我再次运行工程时,一切又正常了。我现在还不知道这到底是由什么原因引起的,不过我的这点升级经验希望对升级失败的朋友有用,也希望知道为什么会导致发生上述异常的朋友告诉我原因,谢谢 :)

Have a look at the following thread:

It has been documented and entered in JIRA already, so a fix is on its way. In the meantime (i.e. before 2.0.4 is out) you can either stay with 2.0.2 or (for the time being) add all jars for dynamic languages to your classpath.

Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause!


Spring的这次更新的确有点草率 :)
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