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Posted on 2005-06-01 09:36 laogao 阅读(631) 评论(3)  编辑  收藏 所属分类: On Java





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2005-06-01 12:29 by 传说中的大狼狗

# re: 期待中国原创的开源框架/工具  回复  更多评论   

2005-06-01 18:28 by emu
偶然发现了这个,好像是中国人做的,也开源 就没见人用过,不知道怎么样。

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2005-06-04 15:52 by javamad
Two mates above showed some instances in terms of this topic why we have been dropping behind, mostly in the vital area of milestones at least, in software development.
I personally believe there are two more specifical reasons or observations obtained as far as know and see. The first one might be revelant to a question, how much you like the software development or to be part of its life? The other reason might be due to the rooted consciousness Chinese students/learners involved in terms of educational environment. More specifically, my friends who were growing up in the western custom do S.D. because they were interested apart from those ideal stuff so called "future career", however, for us, S.D. is partly important as we HAVE TO survive by involving to this area which is/would be a fat competition. How silly it is, my friends....Just like 传说中的大狼狗 said, we've got our true life in the rest of time behind S.D. that seems to be a way of getting the burden and high pressure. Can we sacrifice to S.D. in which you are not really interested?

One more thing, very honestly, most of chinese teachers(few of lecturers) are still leading our studenets on the wrong track, to do the wrong thing that practice in programming. Come on, practice is boring and pointless, but create is of nature~ CREATE NOT PRACTICE!!!