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Martin Fowler在他最新的bliki:RigorousAgile 中提到:

“The complainer may talk about how this means that you can't tell if a particular team is using an agile method or not. They may also say that this makes it hard to teach people how to do agile methods - what's the curriculum?”(这些抱怨者指出他们很难区分是否在使用敏捷方法,也很难用固定的课程去教授如何使用敏捷方法)

然而,没有一个严格的定义,正是敏捷方法的核心哲学 (“This lack of rigorousness is part of the defining nature of agile methods, part of its core philosophy.”)


“Different kinds of systems have different kinds of pressures and forces, which makes it very difficult to come up with a rigorous statement of what to do that's sufficient to cover them.”(不同的系统有来自不同方面的压力,这种情况使得很难定义出一个严格的过程,去定义如何有效的解决这些问题)

而另一关键的问题是:人,软件开发的主体,是一个最大的可变的因素 (“This effect is compounded by the fact that software development is such a people-oriented activity, and people are naturally inconsistent and highly variable. ”)

倡导敏捷方法的人,之所以没有为敏捷方法制定出一个严格的定义,就是为了将软件开发中最大的可变因素,而又是过程的执行者:人,忽略掉。(“ that's its not effective to try and bind software development to a rigorous process, because that's ignoring the essential nature of the primary (human) components that will execute that process”)


Martin Fowler
inconsistent and highly variable

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