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上周在Colorado,Martin Fowler 和 Bruce Eckel 邀请了一些“大腕”级的人物,如Rod Johnson,Floyd Marinescu等,开了一个“座谈会”(现场的一些照片在这里)。 其中讨论到:“企业级架构最关键的原则问题是什么”。 这些“大腕”一共总结出来40条,然后投票得出了最关键的5条 (Top 5 Principles of Enterprise Architecture):

  1. Use a layered architecture.
  2. Build Automated Regression Tests, which was tied with:
  3. Manage your application as you would a software product. eg: frequent and numbered releases, same rigor as a product.
  4. Use the smallest team you possibly can tied with:
  5. Attack the domain problem first (or - work on your domain model before other parts of the app).

与之对应的Top Bottom 5则是(从后往前):

  1. Use Model Driven Architecture.
  2. Determine all your requirements upfront.
    and a three way tie between: (最后3个并列)
  3. Use EJBs.
  4. Prefer web based UI's.
  5. Prefer open source projects.

Floyd Marinescu关于这次“研讨会”更详细的blog

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