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Attendee Opinions

Every morning at the Symposium we asked the audience a set of questions (submitted by the attendees) about their opinions of things, using a live hand-held survey technology that would then spit the results up onto a powerpoint slide. What followed was a fascinating look at the perspectives of the Java developers in attendance:

Should Java be open sourced?
Yes 58.6%
No 41.4%
Vote count: 239
How does your organization treat open source software?
No policy. Do what you want 31.8%
Use it if a senior team member can approve it 23.4%
Mgt or higher has to approve its use 16.9%
Formal review process including legal dept. approval 22.9%
What is open source? We buy everything 5.0%
Vote count: 201
What is the biggest challenge in designing web applications?
Application maintainability 34.3%
Ease of development 27.1%
Fit with existing architecture 18.1%
The ability to leverage existing developers' skills 9.5%
Code re-use 11.0%
Vote count: 210
What does "RIA" Stand for?
Really Interesting Architecture 1.4%
Rich Internet Application 63.3%
Rolling in Acronyms 11.4%
All of the above 23.8%
Vote count: 210
What is your preferred Java IDE?
Eclipse 53.3%
emacs 2.1%
IDEA 19.8%
Java Studio 0.8%
JBuilder 6.6%
JDeveloper 3.3%
Netbeans 2.5%
vim 3.3%
WSAD 7.4%
other 0.8%
Vote count: 242
What is your preferred Web framework
Struts 47.0%
Spring 20.9%
Tapestry 7.9%
Webwork 8.8%
Other 15.3%
Vote count: 215
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