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- What you need?

  • A fresh install of Ubuntu Dapper + all the updates
  • A Windows box with a fully installed and activated version of Adobe Photoshop CS2

- Fire up a terminal session and type the next commands;

TIP: Instead of using apt-get, you can install them with the Synaptic Package Manager located in the System/Administration menu

  • $ sudo apt-get update
  • $ sudo apt-get install wine and then type “yes”
  • $ sudo wine /*To create the wine file structure*/
  • $ sudo apt-get install recode and then type “yes”

- Then you need to copy all the necessary files from the Windows box;

  • Copy the whole Adobe folder from “c:\Program Files\” to “/home/YOURNAME/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/”

- Now you need to export the registry keys of the Adone Photoshop CS2;

  • In your Windows box, type “regedit” in the command-line and export the whole “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Adobe/” to “adobe.reg”.
  • The next step is to copy that file to your Ubuntu box and convert it to the encoding of YOUR system. For example, if your Ubuntu box has as default charset ascii and your Windows box has ucs-2 then “$ recode ucs-2..ascii adobe.reg” would do the trick. After you converted your adobe.reg file, type “$ sudo wine regedit adobe.reg” to import it to wine.
  • That’s it! Type “$ sudo wine –winver winxp “[path to Photoshop]/photoshop.exe” or create a launcher and enjoy Adobe Photoshop CS2 on Ubuntu ;)

If you are having a problem regarding “unregistered” versions, you will need to crack your photoshop.exe file.

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