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Hidden Mac OS Lion gesture switches to previous space

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Mac OS X 常用快捷键

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Mac OS directory structure

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How To Pronounce GNU

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NoSQL & Cloud Computing

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Love You Like a Love Song - Selena Gomez (Acoustic Cover)

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Fucking JDev guinness record

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WebLogic's Classloading Framework

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How To Use wget With Username and Password for FTP / HTTP File Retrieval

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Ideas on Apache karaf shell

     摘要: Share some ideas on Apache karaf shell.  阅读全文

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OSGi µService bndtools Sample

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Creative Japanese Lunch Box Art!

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AS3 depth sorting of display objects

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Common Problems with Authentication Provider Configuration

     摘要: Common Problems with Authentication Provider Configuration, keep it for reference!  阅读全文

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Eclipse 4.0 SDK released for early adopters

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Flex and Deep Linking

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为Spring Security添加IP限制功能

     摘要: 为Spring Security添加IP限制功能  阅读全文

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How to use verticalCenter and horizontalCenter in a container with absolute layout

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HTML5 Case Study: Building the noVNC Client with WebSockets, Canvas and JavaScript

     摘要: from  阅读全文

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Configuring the VNC server/viewer in Linux.

     摘要: Configuring the VNC server/viewer in Linux.  阅读全文

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How To Setup Linux VNC Server In 3 Minutes

     摘要: setup Linux VNC Server In 3 Minutes  阅读全文

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     摘要: 塔西提是南太平洋著名的旅游圣地,被称为人间天堂——上帝恩赐的礼物!一个令人向往的地方,“大溪地”!!!  阅读全文

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Why int can't be passed to wrapper type Byte constructor?

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Why not throwing an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException?

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What is String literal pool?

     摘要: How to create a String  阅读全文

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Are parameters passed by reference or passed by value in method invocation?

     摘要: Are parameters passed by reference or passed by value in method invocation?  阅读全文

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A Collection of JVM Options

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Java: wait(), notify(), notifyAll()

     摘要: Why wait(), notify(), notifyAll() must be called inside a synchronized method/block?  阅读全文

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The DCI Architecture: A New Vision of Object-Oriented Programming

     摘要: Object-oriented programming was supposed to unify the perspectives of the programmer and the end user in computer code: a boon both to usability and program comprehension. While objects capture structure well, they fail to capture system action. DCI is a vision to capture the end user cognitive model of roles and interactions between them.   阅读全文

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The Goals of Scala's Design

     摘要: Martin Odersky talks with Frank Sommers and Bill Venners about the compromises and most important goals in Scala's design, its object-oriented innovations, and what's in it for you.   阅读全文

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The Origins of Scala

     摘要: Martin Odersky talks with Bill Venners about the history that led to the creation of the Scala programming language.   阅读全文

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Using Flex with Scala

     摘要: Having to write less code to implement a given feature often improves developer productivity: less code means less bugs, less tests to write, and less artifacts to maintain. Just as recent advances in rich-client technologies reduce boilerplate code on the client, new languages targeting the Java Virtual Machine can yield similar benefits on the server. This article illustrates how Flex on the client, combined with Scala on the server, results in a highly effective client-server development mode  阅读全文

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Scala Programming Style

     摘要: Learning a new programming language sometimes influences how you code in other languages, too.

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Flex 4: change baseColor to chromeColor and useChromeColor=true

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as3 9-slice scaling

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Install Eclipse Plugins – The Easy Way

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