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11-25 XX is a brilliant scientist.

11-26 She used to knit her brows when meeting with a difficult problem.

11-27 The tea bubbled in the pot.

11-28 I budgeted for a daily expenditure of 15 dollars.

11-29 The elephant lowered its huge bulk.

11-30 She bumped her arm against the door.

12-1 He has lost the bunch of keys and cannot unlock the door.

12-2 We collected a bundle of old clothes to be given to them.

12-3 He has found a job in the Washington Bureau of the Associated Press.

12-4 Whenever I have to stand up to make a speech, I get butterflies in my stomach.

12-5 How much does it cost for the first cabin.

12-6 Put all these documents into a filing cabinet.

12-7 The messages have come by cable.

12-8 He has calculated the advantage and disadvantage before making the decision.

12-9 The calendar shows that Christmas will fall on a Monday.

12-10 He announced that he would campaign for the senate.

12-11 The Princeton campus has developed into one of the most attractive school in the USA.


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