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10-25 Bind the thief's arms with rope.

10-26 Beer tests bitter.

10-27 This pocketknife has two blades.

10-28 If you don't do the work well, you will incur blame.

10-29 My mind was a total blank.

10-30 A blast of wind stirred up the dust.

10-31 The two brothers bled for their country and died happily.

11-1  His manner was a blend of friendliness and respect.

11-2 He gets an awful bloody nose.

11-3 The roses are in bloom.

11-4 The mother often boasts to the neighbors about the success of her children.

11-5 It is very bold of them to venture to travel by sea.

11-6 The bolts are all tight enough.

11-7 The terrorists planted a bomb in the building.

11-8 Comment interests form a bond between us.

11-9 I've booked you in at the hotel.

11-10 China is having a great boom in real estate.

11-11 This new technology will boost the production by 30% next year.

11-12 The criminal escaped over the border.

11-13 I am bored by his tedious talk.

11-14 The football bounced off the goal-post.

11-15 You are bound to succeed.

11-16 The new boundaries of the country were fixed after war.

11-17 The arrow was still held in the bow.

11-18 The brake didn't work.

11-19 He has his own brand of humour.

11-20 He has traveled the length and breadth of China.

11-21 Tom was bred up as a sailor.

11-22 We enjoyed the cool breeze that came from the lake.

11-23 Next Sunday Alvon will become AFu's bride.

11-24 Be brief and to the point.
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