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Enterprise architecture modeling and design solution

Build or re-engineer your applications using PowerDesigner, Sybase's all-in-one enterprise modeling and design solution.

PowerDesigner 12.5, a model-driven approach to aligning business and IT, is an enterprise modeling and design solution that helps you implement effective enterprise architecture. It brings powerful analysis and design techniques to your development lifecycle.

PowerDesigner:数据库建模工具,与ERWin等工具起名,它的归类是 Modeling & Metadata


A 4GL rapid application development tool

Accelerate development with PowerBuilder, the market’s favorite 4GL RAD tool.

PowerBuilder lets you stay ahead of the development curve and offers the flexibility to develop for your most productive platform. PowerBuilder 11.1 incorporates new and emerging technologies that let you to build traditional two-tier applications, distributed applications, Web applications and Smart Clients with speed and ease. And with this new release, you can easily deploy your existing PowerBuilder applications to .NET. Get started with PowerBuilder 11.1 today, and see how quickly and easily you can build data-driven applications.

PowerBuilder:是公司随数据库产品的一个前台开发工具,专门开发应用程序的。它的归类是 Development
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