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Adaptive Server Enterprise

Mission-critical enterprise data management

Adaptive Server Enterprise is the mission-critical data management system for taming the information explosion.

Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) has long been noted for its reliability, low total cost of ownership and superior performance. With its latest version, ASE 15, it has been dramatically enhanced to deliver capabilities urgently needed by enterprises today. It lays the long-term foundation for strategic agility and continuing innovation in mission-critical environments. ASE 15 provides unique security options and a host of other new features that boost performance while reducing operational costs and risk. Find out how you can exploit new technologies such as grids and clusters, service-oriented architectures and real-time messaging.


SQL Anywhere

Sybase iAnywhere - Mobile and Embedded Database

The industry-leading mobile and embedded database, providing data management and exchange technologies that enable applications for frontline environments.

SQL Anywhere provides data management and exchange technologies designed for database-powered applications that operate in frontline environments without onsite IT support. It offers enterprise-caliber features in a database that is easily embedded and widely deployed in server, desktop, remote office and mobile applications.

ASA(Adaptive Server Anywhere):轻量级数据库服务器,适合用于移动计算(PDA、带操作系统的手机等)/嵌入式计算(POS机、路由器等),和工作组级OLTP环境,特别是移动计算/嵌入式计算。(我估计ASA现在改名叫SQL Anywhere了)

Sybase IQ

Highly optimized business intelligence, analytics and data warehousing

The smartest way to deliver high-performance enterprise analytics and data warehousing with dramatically faster results at a low cost.

Sybase IQ is a highly optimized analytics server designed specifically to deliver faster results for mission-critical business intelligence, data warehouse and reporting solutions on any standard hardware and operating systems. It works with diverse data – including unstructured data – and diverse data sources to deliver unsurpassed query performance at the lowest price/performance available.


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