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Inter-Procedural Analysis 相关的资料 (2)

Posted on 2007-11-26 12:53 ZelluX 阅读(304) 评论(1)  编辑  收藏 所属分类: Laboratory
University of Houston, Computer Science Department, High Performance Computing Tools Group的一篇论文:
Overview of the Open64 Compiler Infrastructure
VI.4. Interprocedural Analysis
Interprocedural Analysis (IPA) is performed in the following phases of Open64:
• Inliner phase
• IPA local summary phase
• IPA analysis phase
• IPA optimization phase
• IPA miscellaneous
By default the IPA does the function inlining in the inliner facility. The local summary phase is done in the IPL module and the analysis phase and optimization phase in the ipa-link module.
During the analysis phase, it does the following:
• IPA_Padding Analysis (common blocks Padding/Split Analysis)
• Construction of the Callgraph
Then it does space and multigot partitioning of the Callgraph. The partitioning algorithm takes into account whether it is doing partitioning for solving space or the multigot problem.
During the optimization phase the following phases are performed:
• IPA Global Variable Optimization
• IPA Dead function elimination
• IPA Interprocedural Alias Analysis
• IPA Cloning Analysis (It propagates information about formal parameters used as symbolic terms in array section summaries. This information is later used to trigger cloning.
• IPA Interprocedural Constant propagation
• IPA Array_Section Analysis
• IPA Inlining Analysis
• Array section summaries arrays for the Dependence Analyzer of the Loop Nest Optimizer.


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