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1. sysenter的介绍

System Call Optimization with the SYSENTER Instruction
by John Gulbrandsen

2. The SLUB allocator

Christoph’s response is the SLUB allocator, a drop-in replacement for the slab code. SLUB promises better performance and scalability by dropping most of the queues and related overhead and simplifying the slab structure in general, while retaining the current slab allocator interface.

Wider use may be in the cards: the SLUB allocator is in the -mm tree now and could hit the mainline as soon as 2.6.22. The simplified code is attractive, as is the claimed 5-10% performance increase. If merged, SLUB is likely to coexist with the current slab allocator (and the SLOB allocator intended for small systems) for some time. In the longer term, the current slab code may be approaching the end of its life.

3. Compilers and More: Parallel Programming Made Easy?

by Michael Wolfe, Compiler Engineer, The Portland Group, Inc.

4. OpenCL slides, SIGGRAPH '08
发信人: jjgod (while(!asleep()) sheep++;), 信区: CSArch
标  题: SIGGRAPH 08 上的 OpenCL slides
发信站: 水木社区 (Mon Sep 15 01:32:03 2008), 站内

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