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今天在Spring官方文档看到 Dzone发布了Spring2.5配置文档帮助卡片(Spring 2.5 Configuration Reference Card)。 本人下载看一下,觉得还挺不错,推荐给大家。
该卡片提供比较详细介绍了spring2.5 xml的配置,包括以下四部分
  • XML elements available as of Spring 2.5(Spring2.5 xml标签配置)
  • Most commonly used elements(常用的xml标签使用方法)
  • Namespaces(命名空间)
  • Guide to Spring’s rich set of annotations(Spring支持的annotations技术使用指南)


DZone has just published a reference card for Spring 2.5 Configuration. The card was written by the very knowledgeable Craig Walls and provides exhaustive details about all the XML configuration options for your Spring 2.5 contexts. It provides a handy desktop reference for any developer building Spring powered applications. XML averse developers should also check out the options in Spring 2.5 for annotation based configuration.

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