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   期待了许久的JSR-315(Servlet 3.0)规范终于Public Review了,这下本人估计就要热闹了。Public Review往往是带来最大的讨论与争议的过程。不过还是希望JSR-315规范能尽早的敲定,让我们这些期盼以久的开发人员能使用这些新特征。

   1. Annotations and pluggability
   2. Asychronous Servlets

本人较关心的也是Asychronous Servlets这块,所以分享一些信息给大家.

Gregw -- 3.0规范的实现作者的一个Blog
  • A new ASYNC DispatcherType for redispatched asynchronous requests

  • The isAsyncStarted() method is false when a request is redispatched.

  • An IllegalStateException is thrown is startAsync() or startAsync(request.response) are called if getReader() or getOutputStream() have been called.  This restricts asynchronous handler to the simpler cases.

  • If asynchronous mode was started with startAsync(request,response), then it is an IllegalStateException to use any of the forward(...) methods on AsyncContext. This avoids the complication of redispatching wrappers, but allows wrappers to be used by asynchronous handlers.

Good Luck!
Yours Matthew!
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