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  在Spring官方网站闲逛,发现Grails 1.1在 2009-03-12正式发布了.

 1. Standalone GORM.(可脱离Grails框架单独运行)
<gorm:sessionFactory base-package="org.grails.samples"
<property name="hibernateProperties">
<entry key="" value="update"/>

 2. Maven & Ant+Ivy Support(Grails项目可以通过Maven和Ant Ivy编译)
Better Plugins (更好的插件实现,支持通知项目的metadata文件进行安装)
 4. Spring Namespace Support
Groovy DSL for defining bean definitions. This DSL has been extended to support Spring namespaces:
beans = {
    xmlns aop:""

    fred(Person) {
       name = "Fred"
       age = 45

     aop {
         config("proxy-target-class":true) {
             aspect( id:"sendBirthdayCard",ref:"birthdayCardSenderAspect" ) {
                   after method:"onBirthday",
                   pointcut: "execution(void ..Person.birthday()) and this(person)"

 5. JSP Tag Library Support JSP标签库支持
<%@ taglib prefix="form" uri="" %>
<form:form commandName="address" action="do">
<b>Zip: </b><form:input path="zip"/>

SpringSource Head of Grails development, Graeme Rocher, provides an overview of the new features in his latest blog post. This includes the much requested ability to use Grails' Object Relational Mapping (GORM) outside of Grails itself as well as an example that uses GORM inside a Spring MVC application. Incorporating Spring namespaces and support for popular build tools like Maven and Ant+Ivy, the new release is the perfect opportunity to take a look at Grails.

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