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The CRS is a Compound Registration System that features state of the art web based technology for scientiests and supporting staff involved in life sciences, pharmaceutical, and biotech drug discovery to accomplish registration of their compounds. it contains register compounds、search compounds by structure and other text fields、upload spectrogram(pictures、pdf、word etc.)、 import sdf、export sdf、print or generate CoA and MSDS、customize fields、QC data、biology data(dmpk、invivo and invitro) and so on.

The CRS can be used as a standalone module, or it can be fully integrated within a company's own existing Inventory Management, Ordering, and Fulfillment Systems.

The CRS operates in a Web-based environment that facilitates multiple clients using the system at the same instance through the company intranet or the Internet. The Internet transaction environment of CRS necessitates attributes such as security inherently designed into the CRS.

For more information about CRS, please contact me.
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