Project management


Exercise 1  Web site Development

Using Microsoft Project  2007 (can be downloaded from internet)

A nonprofit organization would like to lead a website development project. The organization has internet access that includes space on a web server, but no experience in developing websites. In addition to creating its website, the organization would like you to train two people on its staff to do simple web page updates. The website should include the following information, as a minimum: description of the organization (mission, history, and recent events), list of services, and contact information. the organization wants the website to include graphics( photographs and other images) and have an attractive, easy way to use layout.


1- Project Scope Management: create a WBS for this project and enter the tasks in project 2007. Create milestones and summary tasks. Assume that some of the project management tasks are similar to tasks from the project tracking database project. some of the specific anaylsis, design, and implementation tasks will do:

a) collect information on the organization in hardcopy and digital form( brochures, reports, organization charts)

b) research web site of similar organization

c) collect detailed information about customer's design preferences

d) develop a template for the customer to review (background color of pages, layout of text)

e) create a site map or hierarchy chart showing the flow of website

2- Project Time Management:

a) enter realistic duration for each task, and then link the tasks

b) do Gantt Chart view and Network Diagram View  for the project

c) do schedule table to see key dates and slack times for each task.





3- Project Cost Management

a) assume you have three people working on project and each of them would charge $20 per hour. Enter this information in the Resource Sheet.

b) estimate that each person will spend an average of about five hours per week for the four month period. Assign resources to the tasks, and try to make the final cost in line with this estimate

c) do a budget report for your project

4- Project Human Resource Management

a) assume that one project team member will be unavailable due to vacation for two weeks in the middle of the project. Make adjustments to accommodate this vacation so that the schedule does not slip and the costs do not change. Document the changes from the original plan and the new plan.

b) use the Resource Usage view to see each person's work each month. Print a copy of the Resource Usage view.

5- Project Communications Management

a) do a Gantt chart for this project. use a time scale that enables that chart to fit on one page. and the copy and paste it to PowerPoint

b) do a TO DO LIST report for each team member




** Write a two page single spaced paper summarizing what do you think about Microsoft Project. What do you like and What do you dislike about it. Do you think it would be useful for managing all project or just some and which ones.



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