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  • Migration to Java 5 at Walmart.com #
    How do you upgrade one of the busiest web applications of the whole Internet to Java 1.5? This is a challenge under the best conditions, considering that the application must handle up to 7 million sessions and 106 million page views per day.
  • XP vs. RUP #
    XP vs. RUP (or some other non Agile/XP Process)
  • Scripting Java: The BeanShell JSR #
    The BeanShell Scripting Language recently became a JCP JSR (274), a first step on the road to an official Java standard. In this article, Artima interviews Pat Niemeyer, BeanShell's creator and lead of the JSR's expert group, about the role of scripting languages in Java......
    • 365Key-天天网摘自动生成

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