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1) install svn server:  yum install subversion

2) install  dav mod :  yum install mod_dav_svn

3) create the svn dir
$ mkdir /home/svn
$ cd /home/svn
$ mkdir myproject
$ chown -R root:subversion myproject
$ chmod -R g+rws myproject

4) create the respository
$ svnadmin create /home/svn/myproject

5) config the WebDAV protocals for web access the svn server:
    a)edit the file of /etc/httpd/conf.d/subversion.conf", and add the following code:
<Location /svn>DAV svn
SVNPath /home/svn 
AuthType Basic AuthName "myproject subversion repository" AuthUserFile /etc/subversion/passwd <LimitExcept GET PROPFIND OPTIONS REPORT> Require valid-user </LimitExcept> </Location>
   b)restart apache :   /etc/init.d/apache2 restart
   c)create the pass file, and add the user:
      touch  /etc/subversion/passwd 
htpasswd -c /etc/subversion/passwd user_name
6) now you can use your client browser/tool to access your svn server : http://localhost/svn/myproject
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