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读核笔记(2) - 内核模块

Posted on 2008-02-10 18:53 ZelluX 阅读(892) 评论(0)  编辑  收藏 所属分类: LinuxSystem
/proc文件系统不是直接从内核的存储区中读写数据,二是通过回调函数实现文件读写的。struct proc_dir_entry有一对读写操作函数指针read_proc_t, write_proc_t。
一个编写内核模块操作proc文件系统的例子,书上的源程序是在2.4.18下跑起来的,改了三个地方在2.6.23下成功运行。当然Makefile也按照2.6中make modules的方式写了。

1. 去掉MODULE_VERSION宏的定义,和头文件冲突。

Preventing premature unloading

In 2.4 modules, the MOD_INC_USE_COUNT macro is used to prevent unloading of the module while there is an open file. The 2.6 kernel, however, knows not to unload a module that owns a character device that's currently open.

However, this requires that the module be explicit in specifying ownership of character devices, using the THIS_MODULE macro. You also have to take out all calls to MOD_INC_USE_COUNT and MOD_DEC_USE_COUNT.

The 2.6 kernel considers modules that use the deprecated facility to be unsafe, and does not permit their unloading, even with rmmod -f.

3. 去掉proc_mknod增加一个tty设备文件那部分代码,2.6中去掉了这个函数,貌似要用udev代替,以后再看了。