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NetBeans IDE 6.5 RC2 已经发布了,下面是官方发布的新特性列表:


  • PHP Editor (Code completion, syntactic and semantic code highlighting)
  • Support for heredoc notation and PHTML
  • Debugging using Xdebug
  • Generators for MySQL database code snippets

JavaScript and Ajax

  • JavaScript Debugging on FireFox & Internet Explorer
  • Http transaction monitoring
  • JavaScript Editor
  • JavaScript Library Manager incl Yahoo UI, Woodstock, jQuery, Dojo, Scriptaculous, Prototype libraries
  • Improved CSS Editor

Java EE & Web Development

  • Enhanced support for Spring, Hibernate, JSF, JSF CRUD generator, JPA (Java Persistence API)
  • Create RESTful web services from database tables or from JPA entities
  • Drag and drop SaaS services into PHP files
  • SQL Editor Improvements (code completion, save/recall queries, and more)
  • Improved Eclipse project import and synchronization for Java Web projects
  • Automatic Deploy on Save

Groovy and Grails

  • Develop pure Groovy apps or use Groovy in Java SE projects
  • Groovy editor (code completion, highlighting, and more)
  • Grails web application framework
  • Open existing Grails applications without adding metadata

Ruby and Rails

  • New Test Runner interface for displaying test results
  • Rake improvements: Rake Runner and a pre-generated Rake file
  • Debugger: Conditional breakpoints and catchpoints
  • Ruby projects accept JVM options from command line

GlassFish v3 Prelude for Web Development

  • Modular, OSGi based architecture
  • Small footprint, fast startup and deployment
  • Support for scripting, including JRuby


  • Improved code completion, error highlighting, and semantic highlighting
  • Call graph, Memory window
  • Remote development
  • Packaging of application as tar files, zip files, or SVR4 packages

Java ME

  • New project wizard for adding custom components to the Visual Designer Palette
  • New SVG UI components in the enhanced SVG Composer enable rich UI design
  • New Data Binding Custom Components in the Visual Designer Palette
  • Upgraded obfuscation tool to ProGuard 4.2 and test framework to JMUnit 1.1.0

Java Debugger

  • New multi-threaded debugging with improved UI and work-flow
  • Smart Step Into with method selection right inside expression
  • Deadlock detection with visual indication

Java SE

  • Automatic Compile on Save
  • Improved Eclipse project import and synchronization
  • Java Call Hierarchy
  • Analyze Javadoc
  • Swing GUI Builder can generate simple class names (instead of fully qualified names)

IDE Tools and Usability

  • Camel Case Code Completion
  • Formatting Settings per Project
  • One QuickSearch shortcut for IDE actions, files, options, and docs
  • Support for Windows UNC paths (shared network folders)

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