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10 Fresh jQuery plugins (April-May 2011)

This is fresh collection of new jQuery plugins. 10 great solutions: new slider, image gallery, movie, map and many other useful things. Many of the plugins have been created recently in 2011. Download, customize and use its in your projects.

1. bxSlider

This plugin is content slider and image slideshow. Where you can slide between slides using horizontal, vertical and fade transitions. Also you can have navigation controls, custom behavior (this plugin have very many options). Online demo available here
bxSlider plugin

2. Awkward Showcase

Using this plugin you can easy slide betweeb slides with any content (Content Slider). Allow to embed quite any content inside slides: text, images, video, tooltips etc. Also can enable thumbnails and more. Online demo available here
Awkward Showcase plugin

3. Waypoints

Using this plugin you can easy perform necessary actions when you scroll to desired element. Online demo available here
Waypoints plugin

4. jsMovie

This plugin will allow you to play image sequences. So result will similar real video (it looks like GIF – animation too). Online demo available same page.
jsMovie plugin

5. A simple accordion menu

Another one UL-LI navigation menu. Online demo available here
A simple accordion menu

6. Ascensor

Interesting plugin, some kind of navigation system between pages, plus give feeling what you walking through rooms of maze :) Online demo available here
Ascensor plugin

7. jVectorMap

This plugin show us vector world map (and they promising to add more maps in future). Online demo available here
jVectorMap plugin
There is a very serious mistake in picture, Taiwan is a part of China!

8. League of Legends

Nice looking plugin for webmasters who dreaming to build own game (RPG) website. Online demo available here
League of Legends plugin

9. Kaiten browser

This pluging giving us few navigation modes for web applications. Online demo available here
Kaiten browser plugin

10. Chrome Style jQuery Image Gallery

Great looking image gallery with autoplay, descriptions and more.
Chrome Style jQuery Image Gallery plugin


Hope that our review of fresh jquery plugins was very interesting. Good luck!

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