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假设问题 1 :自我介绍

My name is yun guang and I came from LiaoNing province.

I graduated from nwpu in 2003(two thousand three), accompanied with a bachelor degree of science.

During the past three years, I took several part time jobs, mainly in charge of website design and maintenance. Moreover, I have worked for shanxi's tsinghua science park's website.

Now, I am studying in Software School of Peking University and major in E_Business. Until now i have finished all the required courses. It is the very time for me to prepare the practice, which will last about one year.

I regard myself as an open-minded person, who can communicate with other people very well. What’s more, I had been the group leader in project team for several times. I can not only complete the work of my share alone, but also lead or participate other team members to finish the project perfectly. I think my greatest strongpoint is that I always keep a higher passion for software technology; I am always learning its new disciplines and criterions in order to keep pace with modern IT development.

假设问题 2 :请简单描述你最满意的项目


The project which I was most satisfied with is the development of website of JuFeng financial corporation in Shan’xi province in 2002. Their website now is http://www.jfinfo.com.  I took a part-time job there, and during these days, the most significant job I finished was JuFeng English edition and an integrated OA system. Here I want to give some description about this OA System------JuFeng consulting room. It involved many fundamental functions such as BBS, chatting room, user archive management, expert consulting, article management, user service, instant messaging, etc. They mainly applied such technologies---asp, javascript, xhtml, js-----to this project, and the database they chose was SQL server2000. I have been the team leader and also have done some work of coding, document compiling, testing and system maintenance.

假设问题 3 :学校课程中最满意项目


This project require us to use at least ten design patterns to develop a rent-car system using language of java. This system should have functions of choosing car online, renting car, modifying and deleting orders. I mainly served as the leader and the coordinator of my group. The work I did was drawing class diagram using UML technique, instructing UI design, and implement the system by JSP, JavaBean and Servlet.

假设问题 4 :描述自己的家乡与家


假设问题 5 :请说出自己的 3 个优点和 3 个缺点


假设问题 6 :请说明自己未来的目标


Now I want to find a company first, which is appropriate for me to work as an intern. And during the following 5 years I will do my best to complete every job assigned to me. I will start with software technique fields first and enrich my basic skills constantly. Then after five years, I would like to change my profession from developer to IT manager. And if it is possible, I wish one day I could become a famous person in software industry, and give my utmost devotion to the prosperity of IT industry.

假设问题 7 :是否和人发生过口角


It is true that I have ever quarreled with somebody else, but I didn’t mean to that. I think no one like going out of his way to look for trouble. My own manner to handle public relationship is that I will treat everybody around me tenderly and honestly. I will try to make clear the misunderstanding and conflict between us and eliminate them quickly. So past things would have no chance to disturb my present emotion.

假设问题 8 :高兴和不高兴的事

答:针对现在,各举一例,高兴的事如当程序由调不通到正常运做,那种小小成就感能让我高兴欣慰。不高兴的事情是自己认为不够努力,需要自己更加勤奋。以适应现在的 IT 的快速发展。

There is something that will make me very happy, when a program could work normally after my debugging. This will give a certain of identity, and that is one of the things I am busily engaged in seeking. On the other hand, there is also something that makes me unhappy. Because it is seems to me that I was not as hardworking as I regard myself before. The urgent thing now for me is to become more diligent; otherwise I will be unable to catch up with the pace of IT industry and be washed out at last.

假设问题 9 :技术领域问题


假设问题 10 Two question:

1、  When will I receive the info about the interview result, if I passed, and when I come here to practice?

2、  Can you offer me a career path?



1) Why don抰 you begin by telling me something about yourself?

2) What made you decide to get into computers?

3) After I did my engineering degree, I began to specialize in computer technology.

4) I抎 like to start this interview with some questions.

5) I think my background meets the requirement of this position.

6) Yes, can you tell me what抯 my responsibility in this position?

7) You would be responsible for the development of software products.

8) I have worked on about every system that is out right now.

9) I have hands-on experience in system development including system analysis and design.

(A=Applicant   I=Interviewer)
Dialogue 1
I:  Why don抰 you begin by telling me something about yourself?
A:  What do you want to know?
I:  The usual, you know, something about your background and experience and anything personal that you feel is pertinent.
A:  Well, I was born in Shanghai and went to school there, right up through college.  My father is a lawyer, and my mother is a teacher.
I:  Sounds as if you come from a professional family.
A:  That抯 right. One of my sisters is a doctor and the other one teaches at a university.
I:  What made you decide to get into computers?
A:  Oh,nothing in particular, I guess. I always liked mathematics and tinkering with machines.
I:  Now what about your experience? How long have you been working with computers?
A:  More than five years now. After I did my engineering degree, I began to specialize in computer technology and I even had my own company for a while.
I:  It certainly sounds impressive. Why don抰 you have your credentials sent to me and I抣l show them to the board? We抣l probably get back to you in a week.
A:  Thanks very much.
I: 你就从谈谈你自己开始吧!
A: 你想知道些什么?
I: 一般的情况,你的背景啦、经历和你觉得任何与此有关的个人情况。
A: 好吧。我出生在上海,在那儿上学,一直到大学毕业。我父亲是个律师,母亲是个教师。
I: 这么说你出自于一个职业家庭。
A: 是的。我姐姐是医生,另一个姐在大学任教。
I: 是什么让你决定搞计算机这一行的?
A: 我想没什么特殊的原因。我一向喜欢数学和摆弄机器。
I: 那再谈谈你的经历吧。你干计算机这行有多久了?
A: 五年多了。读完工程学位后,我就开始专攻计算机技术,甚至有段时间我还建立了自己的公司。
I: 这真不错。你何不把你的证件寄给我,我拿给董事会看看?一个星期之内,我们可能会和你联系。
A: 非常感谢。

Dialogue 2
A:  Excuse me. I have an appointment with Mr. Li at nine. May I come in?
I:  Yes, come in please. I am Mr. Li. You must be Mz Liu, right?
A:  Yes, I am Mz liu. Thanks.
I:  I抎 like to start this interview with some questions. Why do you think you are qualified for this position?
A:  According to your advertisement, you want an experienced software engineer. I think my background meets the requirement of this position.
I:  Then tell me something about your background.
A:  My major was computer science when I was at college, and I am quite familiar with Visual C++ and Java language.
I:  Well, what do you think about the development in computers?
A:  The developments in software are going ahead very quickly and more and more problems are resolved by software. In some regions, the hardware is completely replaced by software. So I think the software industry has a great future.
I:  Have you ever designed any programs concerning network?
A:  Yes, I have designed some programs for the network with Visual C++ and I have passed the test for programmers - MCSE.
I:  Have you got anything to ask me?
A:  Yes, can you tell me what抯 my responsibility in this position?
I:  Yes, of course. You would be responsible for the development of software products.
A: I see. This is my advantage.
I:  Good. Have you got any other questions?
A:  No.
I:  Ok, I will contact you in a week. See you.
A:  Thank you, bye-bye.
A: 打扰一下,我和李先生九点钟有个约会,我可以进来吗?
I: 请进,我就是李先生,你肯定是刘小姐吧?
A: 对,谢谢。
I: 我们开始面试吧,首先问你几个问题。你为什么认为你能胜任这份工作?
A: 从你们的广告上得知,你们需要一位有经验的软件工程师。我想我的背景符合这份工作的要求。
I: 那说说你的背景吧。
A: 我大学时的专业是计算机科学。我精通VC++和Java语言。
I: 那你认为计算机行业将来的发展如何?
A: 软件将会发展很快,而且越来越多的问题依靠软件解决。在某些领域,硬件会完全被软件所取代,所以我认为软件前景可观。
I: 你设计过有关网络方面的程序吗?
A: 是的,我用过VC++设计过一些网络程序,而且我还通过了一个程序员考试——MCSE。
I: 你有什么问题要问吗?
A: 有,你能告诉我这份工作我的职责是什么吗?
I: 当然可以了,你将负责软件产品的开发。
A: 哦,那是我的优势。
I: 太好了。还有别的问题吗?
A: 没有了。
I: 那好,我们会在一周内和你联系的。再见。
A: 谢谢你。再见。

Dialogue 3
I:  Tell me something about your work experience.
A:  Well, I have been in the computer engineering field for 6 years now. I am familiar with both hardware and software and with hands-on experience in system development including system analysis and design.
I:  What systems have you worked on?
A:  I have worked on about every system that is out right now.
I:  Do you feel comfortable with the new system by MicroCom?
A:  I am not as familiar with it as I am with some of the older systems. But I am a fast learner and I can master it in a short time.
I:  What do you consider your strenghts?
A:  I am knowledgeable and levelheaded.

I: 说说你的工作经验吧。
A: 好的,我到现在为止已经在计算机工程行业工作6年了。我对硬件和软件都很熟悉,并具有系统开发的实际操作经验,包括系统分析和设计。
I: 你用过什么系统?
A: 我用过目前市面上的所有系统。
I: 那你觉得Microcom公司的新系统如何?
A: 我对它并不像对其他老系统那样熟悉,但我学得很快,我能短时间内掌握它。
I: 那你认为你有什么长处?
A: 我知识丰富、头脑冷静。
experienced   有经验的,老练的  professional 职业(性)的;专业的
in particular 特别;尤其  engineering 工程学,工程
degree 学位;程度   be replaced by       被什么取代 
resolve 解决    advantage 优势 system 系统     analysis 分析
master 掌握,精通   levelheaded 头脑冷静的,明智的

1) What made you decide to    get into   computers?go intowork with

2) I think my  background  meets the requirement of this position.experiencecapability
 我认为我的背景满足这个职位的要求。经验 能力

3)I am familiar with  hardware and software.database programming network knowledge computer networking
 我熟悉  硬件和软件。数据库编程网络知识计算机网络

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