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Article PS02022586

800A0001 Unspecified error

Problem Description

When uploading files with AspUpload 3.0 (and higher), the following error may be thrown by the Save method:

Persits.Upload.1 (0x800A0001)
Unspecified error


In most cases it means that your upload script uses Request.Form or Request.QueryString prior to calling Upload.Save . As a result, the BinaryRead method of the Request object fails.

You must never use Request.Form in your upload script because the ENCTYPE="multipart/form-data" attribute of your form makes this collection unusable. Use Upload.Form instead. Remeber, however, that the Upload.Form collection is populated by a call to Upload.Save, therefore you can only use Upload.Form after a successful call to Upload.Save.

简单来说,就是说你使用了这个组件 就不要再使用 Request.Form or Request.QueryString 来获取参数,都要用Upload.Form来获取,不然就报错这个错
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